Monday, July 18, 2011

Bloggers, Giving, and Paying It forward

Lately many of us are cutting back, staying in, doing without and giving less. Understandable with the economy and all that's going or not going on. We draw in when things get tough whether in our personal lives or the world in general.

When we don't get, it is good to give. It is really at this time that we have the potential to change someone's day, their attitude and their direction in life. Gestures of kindness. So simple. And that in turn gives back to you. A circle of everyone just giving a little of themselves, even to someone you don't know.

I'd like to introduce you to,
Mary Stebbins Taitt. A poet, an artist, a free spirit, a gentle soul, a friend . . . With A Pay It Forward opportunity. She is as diverse and fascinating as there are hours in the day. I first stumbled on her at "Marys Detroit Photoblog". She photographs beautiful aspects of the Detroit area that has too long been thought of as decaying and old. I progressed to "MoleskinExchange", where she and other artists draw and paint in each other's  journals by passing them from one artist to the other. That is a definite "need to check" out blog.

Today travel to her "No Polar Coordinates" for a chance to receive a Pay It Forward of her lovely art.

I have been graced by friendships because of blogging that otherwise would never have happened. Isn't that how life is?  Friends come into our lives for a reason or a season and some make a bigger difference in our lives than they will ever know.


  1. Lovely post today, and so true! I have met such a lot of warm, generous, warmhearted and funny people here in Blog land.

  2. Thank you for featuring me on your blog. You are so sweet and kind.

    I hope your readers will come and enter my paying it forward opportunity. I am not looking for increasing my readership, only to offer this (these) small gift(s).

  3. Great post and I'm with you on the appreciation of my followers too.

  4. Strangely enough someone who was giving me a lift not ten minutes ago was talking about paying it forward. I sat down at my computer and thought I needed a bit of encouragement and so opened you blog. Thanks. I know that the Lord is trying to say something to me through your blog right now, I've just got to have faith. God bless, Geoff.