Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mirror of Self

     Who do you see when you look into the mirror?
We have images of self and sometimes looking in the mirror we see the differences in who we believe we are and those that we reflect to others outwardly.
     It is a humbling reality check that person who looks back at us. Because when we look into the mirror we see so much more than the outer shell. Ahh, to have our life experinces be seen on the outside as we see them within ourselves. It might make people more compassionate.
     Take the time to look, and not just glance, deep into the eyes and maybe you can get a glimpse into the heart or soul of the one looking back into your eyes.

Help for another

     Please visit the blog "Pretty Things" by Lori Anderson. She has some beautiful bead work, delightful blogs and has a heart the size of an elephant. You see she is supporting a donation fund for a fellow artist that has lost her studio and tools in a devastating fire. Read more on Pretty Things blog about Kimberly Wilcox, her art and her story.
   It doesn't matter if we have a personal relationship with someone or just that they are a fellow human being in need. Give if it moves you and if you can. Any amount to make a day brighter. I know there are many causes and all are sincere. The  blessings that you share at any time with anyone can make the world of difference to another.