Wednesday, June 9, 2010

COME . . .

Come with me today . . .  NOW.
Leave what you are doing.
Take my hand, close your eyes, I want to share a special place with you. Not later, but right now. It must be now. For this moment is all we can be certain of. This moment. For tomorrow is not promised us.
I brought a lunch of cheese, bread, fruit and wine. Let's sit in the shade of the tree with tropical breezes on our faces and in our hair. We'll talk of life, of love, of hopes and dreams. Our eyes will be our windows to the soul. Our hearts open, our words speak true, our spirit exposed and safe. We will reflect in beautiful silence and listen to nature as it nurtures our being. Hear the waves splash over and over against the shore. Hear the birds above. Inhale deeply the serenity, be calm. Come with me now won't you?