Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A paying it forward - thanks

Paying it forward . . .

      in today's mail I received a lovely  envelope with a surprise in it from my friend and fellow blogger Lori Anderson at PRETTYTHINGSBLOG.com.
     It makes me happy to get something in the mail that isn't a bill, advertisment or junk mail. Not too often do we get fun mail. Personal snail mail is becoming rare.
     I remember as a child, my uncle used to write letters to me, of everyday simple things. Just getting the envelope addressed to me made me happy and feel special.
     Lori's envelope took me back to that time. Thank you Lori. Won't you stop by and visit her at her blog, she really does have pretty things to show you and kind words to share as well.

In honor of paying it forward . . . if you send your name and address (no matter where in the world you live) to my email (check my profile page, it's there), I'll be sending out a few Paying it forwards myself . . . maybe one to you. Won't you consider sending someone a snail mail, think of how much you appreciate it.