Thursday, February 25, 2010

Looking at Your Heart

What does your heart look like?
     My heart looks a bit worn and tattered. It's not as bright red, not as perfectly shaped as a young brand new heart. It's been hurt and broken and tested. It's been embraced and pushed away.
It has a bruise here and there. Several lacerations, a few pretty deep. Lots of scuff marks.
     Relationships can change your heart. Loss makes it's mark with a heavy hand. Time changes it. Life can do that to your heart.
     But it is also large and caring. It is capable for much more than what it looks like it can do. It is wiser than before, more resistant, more patient. And forgiving. But most of all it is hopeful and always has room for love. It knows truth and sincerity. It knows kindness.
     Look beyond the heart, look into it, until you see into the heart's very soul. And that is where we grow, we share, we know, we understand. It is where we love unconditionaly. It is where we are all beautiful.
(photo - unknown source)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Peacock and a Tiger

     Do you ever feel like you don't quite fit in?
     Let me set a sample scenario for you. For instance. a group setting, a relaxing weekend evening, A BBQ, bonfire, balmy skies, with a bit of chill in the air, everyone getting closer to the fire to get warm. First a bit of idle chatter, weather, a little news, introductions and maybe a few drinks, or not. Certainly everyone is friendly, you feel welcome, perhaps you know some or most people, everyone chatting, laughing, seemingly having a great time and you are very much a part of the conversation. And yet for some reason you feel that  you don't quite belong?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Words, Writers and Magical Power

     Writers are interesting people. I've been following blogs, reading columnists (especially the NYT's), magazine articles and books that I feel really tell a story, share an experience, unveil an emotion or plant a seed in the reader.
     It fascinates me how, although we all have access to words, (there is no ownwership to the words in any language, the dictionary or thesausus) putting those words together requires understanding and talent. If we so desire, we can even make up words and give meaning to them, and have even more words.
     To put words together takes minimal effort really.  But to make those words mean something, to make them come to life and take hold . . . Ahhhh . . . . that is ectasy dear reader, like a drug into our veins, it takes hold and carries us on a journey that only our minds can put limitations on.  It is the Master that stirs words together like a focused scientist, a romantic dreamer or an adventurous explorer . Magic to open our hearts to an old soul, a person who has lived and wants to give you a part of themselves. A writer sometimes can put on paper what they cannot say outloud.
     Writing can appear like child's play to those that don't understand the power of words..Think of words that have touched you, moved you. Think of why you write, why you read. How often has someone said or witten words to you, and you've been changed? The words have stopped you right there, so much so that you close your eyes and repeat the words under your breath, impregnating them into your very being. It is the combination of words that comes to life like notes come together in song.
     I have been rendered drunk by the power of many an author. Bravo to the writer.

(photo from unknown source)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Somedays, even though we know the truth,
denying the obvious is still painful.
Even the eternal optimist can have their bad days.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The humility of aging gracefully

      Why are we so afraid of getting older? What ever happened to aging gracefully? To be an elegant  and beautiful or handsome mature human and be proud. Why can we not celebrate who we are, what got us here and that we have lived some years of a life already?  What makes you old and undesirable? Does your definition of old age depend on how old you are? Is a wrinkle a defect? Is a scar a badge of honor or a disfigurement? Is grey hair a sign of a withered being or is it a mark of nature and time?  Why do we lie about our ages? Why do we fell like we need to lie about our age? When we are young, we want to be older, when we are older, we want to be younger. 

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Giving up on Love

       LOVE. We like saying it, hearing it. But it is a word with all sorts of connotations, imagingings, illusions, fantasys, hopes, dreams and interpretations.
     When someone gives up on love, what makes them open up to love again? When a person dismisses another by perceived information, does it really matter if they know the truth? Afterall, doesn't that mean that it really was over already?
     If you really love someone, you never want it to be over, you want to fix things, understand things, believe, trust, and love more and better than you loved before, don't you? This is the same for romantic love as it is for any love.
      Sometimes though, people have to have more life experiences to understand love. You have to accept that you didn't know love at all before. You have to have the desire to love.
     I wish for newfound love for those, especially the ones that have come to misinterpreted conclusions from others, who will one day, know the truth and be open to the love that has been there for them.
     When you say you love someone, say it with all your heart and really mean the words you say.