Monday, January 16, 2012

risk . . .

So many times we are afraid. I know I have been afraid many times in my life. Afraid to be myself. Afraid that someone will think less of me or find me inadequate or undesirable.
I was looking for that safety net, that lifeguard, a rope to hold onto or that cushion to soften a fall to let me know I would be ok.
But sometimes in life you won't find any of these tangible securities surrounding you.

You have to become your own security. You have to learn how to swim. and learn to understand the waters of what lies before you. Start in the shallow waters. Play and feel the pleasure of the  water. Take care of your body, make it healthy and strong. Nurture your spirit and soul. Kindly love your own heart. Clear your mind. Be aware of your breathing.  . . . .  Breathe slowly, deeply.  Be mindful and aware of your surroundings.
It takes some of us longer to swim than others. I am late to the pool. But I am here. Today I venture out a little farther, a little deeper, more confidant. There is always risk, but there is great joy when you are confident, prepared and adventurous.