Friday, January 27, 2012

Where did they go?

          I have often thought of someone . . . and then ask myself . . . where did they go?  There were bloggers that I followed, that I looked forward to reading. Writers who shared a little bit of themselves, or visions of who they wanted us to think they were. People that shared humor, heartaches, stories of everyday life. And suddenly they are gone. Just an empty nothing where their words used to move me. Sometimes they tell us their plans, but mostly not. Where did they go? Did they stop writing? I don't believe so. Did something happen? I miss some of them. I wonder about them. I remember their stories. But there is no way to find them. No name, address or phone number.

        The same is true of people that we meet in different times of our lives. We meet, share experiences, become friends. We share love, share goals, experiences. And then . . .  Life brings changes. We age. Change jobs. Form new relationships. Have children. Change ideas, beliefs. Get more interests. Get closer to God, move away from God. Open our world more. Close our world more. Move. Become parent to our parents. Lives go in all different directions. We begin to run out of time. We waste time, juggle time. Fall to illness. Take care of others. Neglect ourselves. Get to know death more frequently. Make choices, on our own or the influence of others. Sometimes the time together is long. Sometimes not.

          It is true . . . people are in our lives for a reason, a season. I wish them all well. Whatever they are doing. I wish them happy times, love and great adventures. For that is how I see them. Like a crab that has outgrown it's shell, never to return. Because you can't go back. Appreciate the moment, however long it is.

Friday, January 20, 2012


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Love, caring and sharing.
Do you have a special someone that makes life better for you no matter what is happening?
The person you go to to share your joys, your heartbreaks. They are your constant comfort zone . . . a  'coming home' and feeling safe state of mind.
Are you that someone to anyone else?

I am so fortunate that I have people like this in my life.

Often they are not the first, or even the most likely, that one might think of.
They understand unconditional.

Just to hear their voice or feel their embrace makes the whole world better right away.
I hope that I have been (and will be) that 'coming home' for someone.

We need to tell them how important they are to us. Please tell them soon.

Monday, January 16, 2012

risk . . .

So many times we are afraid. I know I have been afraid many times in my life. Afraid to be myself. Afraid that someone will think less of me or find me inadequate or undesirable.
I was looking for that safety net, that lifeguard, a rope to hold onto or that cushion to soften a fall to let me know I would be ok.
But sometimes in life you won't find any of these tangible securities surrounding you.

You have to become your own security. You have to learn how to swim. and learn to understand the waters of what lies before you. Start in the shallow waters. Play and feel the pleasure of the  water. Take care of your body, make it healthy and strong. Nurture your spirit and soul. Kindly love your own heart. Clear your mind. Be aware of your breathing.  . . . .  Breathe slowly, deeply.  Be mindful and aware of your surroundings.
It takes some of us longer to swim than others. I am late to the pool. But I am here. Today I venture out a little farther, a little deeper, more confidant. There is always risk, but there is great joy when you are confident, prepared and adventurous.

Friday, January 13, 2012


Don't be hesitant to touch my heart.

Come in.

For love is inside, now, as it always has been, for you.

(image from safe_image.php)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

It's not how I thought it was

     The older I get the more I realize how little control I have of much of anything in life. That is a statement unto itself.
     I always thought that as an adult you would have it all together, even more so if you had an educattion, worked hard at whatever it is you do, and had good intentions. I believed that . . well, that life would work out pretty much okay.
     I have learned  that some of that matters, but not enough to make it as important as I once thought. My personal mission, these last few years, has been to watch people and gather information on what makes someone happy and what constitutes a good life. This is very unscientific and based on the conclusions and opinions of myself only. 
     The things that make life good are so very simple.
Enough food to eat and drink,
a roof to cover your head and keep you safe from the elements
clean air to breathe,
reasonably good health,
a purpose in life,
appreciation of what you have,
the privlege of loving and being loved,
a sense/belief of someone or something greater than yourself,
a sense of humor,
freedom to live your own life as you deem fit,
active participation in life
an openness and willingness to change
 and hope.
      Funny, even if we are lacking in one or some of these, we can still function, but a void exists. I think that we can have many of these and that sometimes we gain or loose them for a while. May this year bring you more of what you need to make your life good. Share what you can. Work toward what you don't have. Be respectful and caring. Try to forgive someone. Be thankful for what you have.
     Is there any that you would want to add to my list?