Friday, January 22, 2010

Tick Tock - Tick Tock

     Time. We all talk about it. I know I do. How we wish we had more of it. How there isn't enough of it. Well, let's be realistic. Haven't there been times when you felt like an hour was an eternity? Mostly though, we feel that an hour is never enough.So we under appreciate all that an hour of time can be. I know I've said, "Well, I only have an hour, so I won't  . . . "
     Let's think about what we can do in an hour.
In the time of sixty minutes we have time enough to make changes in our day by doing any of the following:
Bake cookies
Take a bath
Clean out a drawer
Make an omlette
Make love
Walk the dog
Watch a TV show
Write a blog
Have coffee with a friend
Send flowers
Write and send a letter
Telephone a loved one
Take a nap
Get a pedicure
Make a donation
Share lots of smiles
Give hugs
Do a load of laundry
Change the sheets
Enroll in school
Have a dream
Plant seeds
Take a picture
Do a dance
Tell a joke
Hold a hand
Make some tea
Wash your car
Get a massage

Never under estimate the value of an hour, a minute or a moment in life.