Saturday, February 6, 2010

Giving up on Love

       LOVE. We like saying it, hearing it. But it is a word with all sorts of connotations, imagingings, illusions, fantasys, hopes, dreams and interpretations.
     When someone gives up on love, what makes them open up to love again? When a person dismisses another by perceived information, does it really matter if they know the truth? Afterall, doesn't that mean that it really was over already?
     If you really love someone, you never want it to be over, you want to fix things, understand things, believe, trust, and love more and better than you loved before, don't you? This is the same for romantic love as it is for any love.
      Sometimes though, people have to have more life experiences to understand love. You have to accept that you didn't know love at all before. You have to have the desire to love.
     I wish for newfound love for those, especially the ones that have come to misinterpreted conclusions from others, who will one day, know the truth and be open to the love that has been there for them.
     When you say you love someone, say it with all your heart and really mean the words you say.