Friday, November 12, 2010

Childhood and Duckies

     Life gently puts it's arms around us when we are young children, it grabs a tighter hold, taking us forward into adulthood.
     We become more serious,  tense, anxious and guarded. There seems to be an almost unrecognizable time when suddenly the reins were pulled in, the blinders were put on and we couldn't see or remember life as children.
     We are busy making ends meet, getting ahead, catching up, planning for the future and/or keeping our heads above water.
     What happened to the child within us? The responsible adult in ourselves has sent our inner child to their room and forgotten that they need to be given permission to come out and play.
     Pay attention to children. They seem to put life's concerns and worries aside. They find pleasure, silliness and laughter in simple things. They're quick to forget, forgive and want to play more. Childhood  keeps important things in perspective. Go back to simple, release your child. They've been waiting way too long.
     Some of the simple things that make me feel my inner child . . . 
 . . . seeing my neighbor's dog get excited, jump, bark and wag her tail to see me and get petted.
 . . . letting the last of the ice cream melt in the bowl and enjoy the liquidy goodness.
 . . . watching the swans fly onto the lake and swoop down with tremendous grace and strength to a gliding landing.
 . . .  having a friend give a long and sincere hug.
. . . sharing a joke.
 . . . making a stranger smile.
 . . . riding a bike.
 . . . . taking a hot evening bubble bath, washing my hair, brushing my teeth, putting on comfy jammies with no makeup or hair styling involved.
 . . . seeing little plastic duckies in the most unusual places.
. . . getting out a hula hoop and jump rope and being amazed that I can do anything at all with them.
 . . . driving through my old neighborhood.
 . . . seeing coloring books and smelling a new box of sharp crayons.
. . .  seeing a Disney movie.
. . . Faygo red pop
 . . . a kiss on the forehead.
Share some of your child inspired simple pleasures.