Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pictures that Talk

     A long holiday weekend and some chill time for many of you. We relaxed and had a leisurely day and took time to look through  photos of trips from last year. We put them up on the computer screen. Just had the pictures fading in and out in no particular order. (This is a photo from Key West and has a GREAT story that I'll share another time).
    It's the photos that didn't carry a lot of weight in the significance of all the photos we take in a row, at the time when you pressed the shutter button, that now are the ones that really speak to you. I get into the messages that are meant to be shared. I am particularly drawn to pictures that are imperfect, have objects off kilter or unusual settings.  Photos that make you think, make you react. I love the unusual, the quirky setting. I am moved by symbolism and the chance to connect and touch someone.
   At times, I like the structured and staged photos of people or things. You know everyone looking at the camera and smiling kind of pic. Everything perfect. Only it never is. There's always something that catches your attention. Photos tell a story. The story of the object in front of the lens, and  about the person on the other side of the lens. Of course, there's another viewpoint. It is YOU, the person looking at the photo. A three way conversation going on, no one talking and everyone influenced by another. If pictures could talk we say . . .  they do, there IS a story there. We just have to look and listen.