Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Simple LOVES

February is when we celebrate Valentine's Day.
There are many types of love.

 I thought I'd list a few of the simple things in life that I love.

I love . . .
the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning.
- the feel of my tongue gliding over my freshly brushed teeth.
hearing the words "I love you" whispered softly in my ear.
- seeing huge fluffy white snowflakes floating slowly and rythmically down to the ground.
the sunshine coming slowly through the clouds in a pale blue sky.
- having idle time to sit and read and paint.
sharing laughter with people I love.
-"giving it forward" to someone that doesn't even realize it yet.
sharing a hug that lingers.
-feeling hot water running over my arthritic hands.
being able to hear beautiful music.
-making someone laugh.
eating a piece of chocolate and letting it slowly melt in my mouth.
-holding a sleepy puppy in my arms.
remembering fun times shared of people that have now passed away.
-waking up and knowing that every morning gives me another opportunity to be happy.

perhaps I've made you think about a few simple things you love.