Sunday, July 18, 2010

Chocolate seduction

      Chocolate. I LOVE it. There is no other food that has a hold on me like this smooth creamy melt in your mouth sensualy delightful taste of milk chocolate.

      Oh, but not any chocolate will do. I really dislike the inexpensive brands that have a waxy sugary taste. After you eat a few bites you have an almost nauseous feeling of sugar overload. Yuck.

     I am talking about really good chocloate, the special stuff. Chocolate that can transcend you with a single bite as it slowly disolves over your tastebuds. I'm not really a fan of dark chocolate, although dip a lusious ripe red strawberry in dark chocolate and I may be in heaven for a minute.

      My ultimate favorite is Lindt brand. And even in Lindt there are levels of indulgic delights for me.
The best of all Lindt happens to come in a rather large size, a 3.5 oz  bar, okay so it is a huge chocolate bar.

THE BEST is Lindt Excellance Extra Creamy Milk.

 I usually buy every bar they have which might be a dozen at a time. Most of my friends have never had it, some have never heard of it, even the self proclaimed chocolate lovers. Unbelieveable!

      I will give a bar to those that I believe have a true appreciation for indulgence of this mood altering substance. And each time, each and every time, I have added a new loyal fan.