Wednesday, November 4, 2009

SWANS at Home

There aren't very many animals that portray peace, elegance and love quite like the swan can. Ask someone to name a pair of animals that signify love, and I'm sure swans will be high on the list. Gliding effortlessly across the water, a swan's beautiful image is often reflected in the glasslike surface of the lake. They come back every year and nest and sometimes have fuzzy babies. They are attentive parents. I was so excited to first see them. I enjoy watching their activity in my backyard and learning about them. To my amazement this type of swan is actually very territorial and aggressive. With a very large wing span, about 8 feet across, and the sound of the flapping wings when they fly, so strong and powerful, they can be quite intimidating. Who knew? LOL

Casual and relaxed

I liked my friends shoes, thought they were fun. His stance was casual and relaxed. I love it when people can be themselves and have a good time.