Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Down the Road of Life

     On this road of life, it can be difficult to see the bigger picture.  Your view can be clear, but more often than not, there's a whole lot of blurry, and you're squinting to see your path in front of you.

       We drive along, for a while, it can look like the same route others before us took. But each journey is it's own, there will never be a journey like the one you are on.
     The outside factors of living our lives will not always be in our control. To us may come inclement weather, severe storms and times of what seems like endless darkness. We wind down the road on bright and sunny days and are elated and happy. Even the sunny days can be trialsome, as the brightness of the sun can blind us to what truly is before us.  We need to look ahead and plan for when the road and weather continue to change. 

 We make choices. To go from point A to B as fast as we can. To take the round about way from A to get to B.  Perhaps to never go to B at all. Some choose to return back to A, but it's never the same there, even if we would have stayed. A few boldly adventurous will make up their our own alphabet as they go through life.  There are choices to beat the storm, we can ride it through, or wait for it to pass. Choices to take a leisurely ride and enjoy the scenery.

     There's the factor of  means of transportation. How do we get through life?  Be it fast like a plane, train or car, a bit slower on bike, on foot or even on another's back.

It can be scary or exciting. Looking down the road, it can look like not much is ahead. Or we keep thinking, I'll slow down a bit when there's something good to stop for. A then passing by too fast, we think, "Oh I should have stopped there". We can make that detour. After all there's not a prize to get there first. It's the getting there that's the fun. And if the journey were perfect and all went according to plan, well, your wouldn't have stories to tell or character to your name making you the person you are today. 
This time of year, we often reflect on life. It can bring pride and happiness, sadness or regret, yearning and inspiration or sadly, defeat and lack of will. All I am certain of is that it will be different tomorrow that today.

I gives thanks for all I have, for all that I can give, for all that I have learned and been fortunate to share. I am thankful to have love come into my life in many ways and with many people. I am thankful to count today as a blessing, and hopeful that our tomorrows bring joy, understanding, peace and love to many more hearts and souls. 

Safe travels.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Silly thoughts

What do you get an elf for Christmas?

Don't ever . . .

Don't ever get to a point in life where
 you feel like this is as good as it can get.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Pendulum of the Season

     Ahhh . . . it's holiday season again.
    Those few words just gave an immediate rise to your emotions.
What did you feel? Did a smile cross your face with warm and wonderful memories and the anticipation of excitement, love and happy times to come? Families, friends celebrating, people being  friendly, warm fireplaces, laughter and hugs, celebrations and the joys of giving with yuletide cheer upon us. The drug of hope and peace and love surrounding you.
     Or did a sense of heaviness and sadness loom over your heart? A "I hate the holidays" formed by your lips and murmured in a low and snarled breath? A season of negativity, capitalism in your world of harsh reality. A sense of false happinesses, of excesses and of loss of special people in your life. The coldness of lonliness. Another day and nothing more, just try to make it through. The sooner it's over the better. A feeling of darkness and despair veiled heavily over your eyes.
     Well, the holidays are all those things. It's your choice. You decide how you want your life to be and feel. You can get up and be thankful for what you have. To make the world a brighter and  more positive place for you and anyone that comes in contact with you.
      It really comes down to the question of what is the holiday all about in the first place? If you are religious or spiritual, don't forget why you are celebrating. It's not a celebration of you, but of things much bigger than you. Celebrate the reason more than the season.
     If religion or spirituality are not your bag (or even if they are), concentrate on the goodness of mankind,  look for the good in people and potential for growth.
    It's about attitude and perspective. We can't see the world in a beautiful light if we are standing in front of the beam, blocking the light. Maybe all you have to do is step aside to let more light in, by supporting the light and focusing it on something beside yourself. Sometimes it's us, we, you or me that stands in the way of happiness.
     You can make your world anything you like. You have to have a plan, you have to feed the plan, and you have to be realistic with your expectations. Set a goal, aim high and put your plan in front of you. One little step everyday. One gesture, one act, one sentence, one thought, one touch. It all starts with one. YOU. Your pendulum, your decision, your choice.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Childhood and Duckies

     Life gently puts it's arms around us when we are young children, it grabs a tighter hold, taking us forward into adulthood.
     We become more serious,  tense, anxious and guarded. There seems to be an almost unrecognizable time when suddenly the reins were pulled in, the blinders were put on and we couldn't see or remember life as children.
     We are busy making ends meet, getting ahead, catching up, planning for the future and/or keeping our heads above water.
     What happened to the child within us? The responsible adult in ourselves has sent our inner child to their room and forgotten that they need to be given permission to come out and play.
     Pay attention to children. They seem to put life's concerns and worries aside. They find pleasure, silliness and laughter in simple things. They're quick to forget, forgive and want to play more. Childhood  keeps important things in perspective. Go back to simple, release your child. They've been waiting way too long.
     Some of the simple things that make me feel my inner child . . . 
 . . . seeing my neighbor's dog get excited, jump, bark and wag her tail to see me and get petted.
 . . . letting the last of the ice cream melt in the bowl and enjoy the liquidy goodness.
 . . . watching the swans fly onto the lake and swoop down with tremendous grace and strength to a gliding landing.
 . . .  having a friend give a long and sincere hug.
. . . sharing a joke.
 . . . making a stranger smile.
 . . . riding a bike.
 . . . . taking a hot evening bubble bath, washing my hair, brushing my teeth, putting on comfy jammies with no makeup or hair styling involved.
 . . . seeing little plastic duckies in the most unusual places.
. . . getting out a hula hoop and jump rope and being amazed that I can do anything at all with them.
 . . . driving through my old neighborhood.
 . . . seeing coloring books and smelling a new box of sharp crayons.
. . .  seeing a Disney movie.
. . . Faygo red pop
 . . . a kiss on the forehead.
Share some of your child inspired simple pleasures.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Meeting and Judging

     It's pretty interesting what goes on when we first meet someone. We look them over and in a manner of minutes of observing and interacting, we have catagorized them, put them in their appropriate little box and determined the amount of time and energies we want to expend on them, if at all. I know you do this. I know I have.
     We assess another by looks, physical features, body language and attire. We are attracted or repulsed by scent, the aroma of their natural essence or the artificial layers of the soaps, shampoos and perfumes of their choice. The sound of their voice can be music to our ears or an auditory irritation. There is so much more we judge on . . .  the sense of their touch, a handshake, a hug, or lack of either, choices of their words and topics and even friends. All this is what we do every single time we meet someone whether we pay attention to it or not. JUDGMENT . . . for some people it's fast, simple and etched in stone to remain forever unchanged. But for most of us, I think we try to find something in common and we really do want to like them.

      At the same time, they are assessing us, just like we are doing to them. Hmmm, that gets a little harder. doesn't it? Do you really want someone to have summed you up and made a decision about you this quickly? Have you had a relationship and can't get past a judgement you made? As if no one changes, makes mistakes or has potential for growth.