Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Don't put Christmas away

Christmas is past for this year. Some of us have already put away the decorations, the tree, eaten the cookies and gathered the cards. We've disposed of wrapping paper, used and shared gifts, given thanks and are thinking of a new year, perhaps making resolutions. Some will be doing these things in the days to come. We also put away our yearly traditions, yearly hopes and dreams, that somehow come alive only at the holiday season. The need to give, to try to be more understanding, to love not for love's sake, but because we love so much that it is an unconditional love. Sometimes after Christmas it seems like these words and intentions

Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Packing Process of a PackRat

A few more days of this. Packing. An overwhelming thought. I have some things packed already, and so much more to consider. I will be gone almost 4 months, yes, a long time I know. We'll be driving at least, so

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Lavender Ice of Summer's Dreams

Illusions of sugar plums and fairies at Christmas

When you think of Christmas time and the holidays tell me what goes through your mind? Here's some of what is going on . . . music playing, card exchanging, parties to attend,  decorating, gift buying, wrapping, endless baking . . .  entertaining, quiet surprises, sales and bargains, jostling  crowds, singing jingles, attending services, driving in traffic with people that shouldn't be driving, impatient customers, rude, overworked sales and service workers . . .  standing in line after line, keeping traditions, festive activities, fighting colds,  and lack of sleep. Tell me, what do you

Saturday, December 19, 2009

ONE Family

Let's try not to forget. Make a sincere effort to show caring, patience and understanding to others even when you don't. You may grow into it.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Beautiful, Flawed or . . . .

When I first saw this brightly colored butterfly, I thought it so beautiful and it filled me with joy to be able to capture it's image on a photo. Then I saw it, the tattered wing. My heart sank a bit, and I felt a moment of pity. I decided to watch it and see what it did..Well, it was still gathering it's nectar, still able to float peacefully about in the air, perhaps needing to land on a delicate flower more often. It was still beautiful.  Flawed isn't what I saw now

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Peaceful View

At this busy, hectic and emotion filled time of year, I welcome you to come and sit with me here on the lake for a while. Relax, have a glass of wine, a cup of coffee, inhale nature deeply into your lungs, close your eyes, take off your shoes, and bask in the warm afternoon sun. Take a moment, to just BE. Listen to the sounds of life all around. you'll be surprised at what you hear, what you see, what you feel. Stay. Just for a little while. Reconnect with your inner self. Celebrating you. And do come back. Your chair will be waiting here.

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Emotions of Honor

I have to ready myself for this ride. I think about it for a few days before I go. A mental and emotional readiness has to occur. A preparation within myself. To my right, sits a golf course, on it are small

Sunset at the Park

Flamingos of Alaska

These flamingos were set free by a kind heart with a sense of humor.


Ever go to a movie, then walking out after its ending, you'll be talking about the movie and it's meaning, only to realize that the person, who was sitting right next to you for the entire movie (sharing the same popcorn), seemed to have watched an entirely different flick? It makes you look at them twice and rethink who that

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Thank you (with a nod and a curtsey) to "the romantic query letter and happy ever after" for nominating me for the Honest Scrap Award. I am both surprised and humbly grateful coming from such a caring and talented writer. As requested, read on for parts One and Two of the requirements.

I will be sharing 7 (hard to pick) blog choices that I nominate. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

PART I -My NOMINEES for "The Honest Scrap Award" are:

Monday, December 7, 2009


Although I am very social and positive and upbeat, there are times when I become more introverted, quiet and desire to be alone. I am not antisocial, I am not mad, but I am less talkative, low key, and reflective in my thoughts. I like to drink hot tea, instead of coffee, or maybe a bit of blackberry brandy in a snifter glass, swirling the

Saturday, December 5, 2009

If Door Knockers could speak

I found this wonderful door knocker and was intriqued by it's architecturial interest, it's classic style, it's strength, the bold color of the door, and how it compliments the male figure. There is something quite majestic about him. Not only do I seldom ever see

Thursday, December 3, 2009

That Ahhhhh time of day

Having HISTORY in a relationship

As time passes, we lose friends and loved ones in our lives, to all sorts of reasons. And as life has it, we go on  meeting new people, making new relationships, new friends, you know just what I am saying,  those close and intimate and I love you for who you are kind of people. But at the beginning, you feel like you are introducing  The "you" to them,  talking about your past to people you meet. Letting them know about you, or what

Friday, November 27, 2009

What do you really see?

A beautiful sunset in Key West, Florida, a golden sky, gorgeous sun, a large ship anchored, and birds and pelicans resting at shores edge. But what caught my eye was the helicopter on board. At first I didn't see it,


The gift of giving.
"It is more blessed to give than to receive".
 "When we give, we get back tenfold".
We hear it everywhere, especially this time of year.  The declarations that encourage us to give. Do they really? Or do they make us feel guilty for not giving when we can, or when we could? Are you a giver?  Do you give willingly, or because it's the right thing to do? Look deep within yourself. When you give, do

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Relationships INSIDE an Elevator

A strange topic, but one that we've all experienced. There is something about stepping into an elevator alone, you own the space.  It's your minute of thinking, of last minute prepping of the next activity once you step out of it.  Perhaps a time of reflection, or a place that holds you captured momentarily, taking a few more minutes of your valuable time. You hit the button of

Friday, November 20, 2009

When you're HOME

Home. What makes home really home? What is that feeling of taking a deep sigh and feeling relaxed as soon as you walk in the door? That moment when you say "It's good to be home".  Home reflects you. It smells like you, reflects the colors that you like, is comfortable, and everywhere there are things that make you happy. And of course it's very true, that it's not things, but people that make home a safe and happy place to be.  But let's talk about people another time. Do you have a favorite place to go to or sit in when you come home?  A chair, a corner? When you've been gone all day or days, even weeks at a time, what is the

Locked Regrets

Are there places in your heart that you have locked up from both yourself and others? How long have we locked up our emotions? Seems like most of us  have done some locking and chaining and bolting, sometimes double checking to be sure it's secure. That locked place, a place where you used to go often, then less, ignoring it for periods of time, but not forgetting. Do you go there sometimes still? Is there something in particular that sparks a desire to go to that place? You know it's there, you know what is inside. A place that is heavy, emotional or overwhelming for you? Why do you keep it locked?  When is it time to truly be who you are, with confidence? To celebrate the positive that has come from the hardship. Have you not

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Memories and Christmas Songs

Today I was shopping in a store with music was playing in the background, something that we hear but pay little attention to. We can go in and out of shops not even realizing that we have been listening to music. Oft times we're glad to get outside because it wasn't something we enjoyed listening to.  There has been a lot of study put into the types of music that will encourage shoppers to linger, feel relaxed and energized  in order to put them in the mood to purchase more. Not to forget that we celebrate Hanukkah and Kwanza at this season as well. But that is not what I felt today. Today, they were playing Christmas songs, too early for me, I'd rather they wait until after Thanksgiving, but it was playing regardless of my preferences. I found myself

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Adam and Eve and what?

My little Adam and Eve. I've had this trinket box for many years. I bought it at a quaint gift shop because I thought it was cute, quirky and artsy, and said something about coming into this world just as we are, and growing into ourselves everyday from that point onward. A great reminder. Everyday is a new beginning a chance to start fresh. About keeping a sense of humor with ourselves and life. A conversation piece if you will. Well, I used to display it on a side table, in the family room. Another piece of artwork to enjoy. Then over time, I began to see that a few people were actually uncomfortable with it being there, as if this small clay and wooden box exposed them somehow. Was it a

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Art of being a Storyteller

Are you a storyteller? Long ago when I was a little girl, we would visit friends of my parents, and their elderly mother lived with them. I was excited to go there and my smile grew the minute I saw her. She was a tiny woman, traditional european in her dress, dark stockings, dark clothes that seemed a bit too big for her little body. A gold cross hanging from her neck, the chain catching a sparkle from the light as she moved. Small gold earrings with a semi precious stone dangling from them. She often wore a fringed shawl which fascinated

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Language Awakening

Some of you know and speak more than one language. Some know one single language, and are content with that. Some of you are learning more languages. Bravo to you. For some it is easy, for others a struggle. I grew up speaking German, my parents coming here as immigrants after WWII. Both with only a 6th grade education, because war has no time for such luxuries as education. And although they spoke many languages albeit some better than others, German, Yugoslavian, Hungarian, Polish, Russian  they now had to learn one more, English. They were older, exhausted from the war, in a country where nothing was familiar,and found it difficult. I often was embarassed by their accents as a child, and proud of their accomplishments when I was older.They spoke German with my

Saturday, November 14, 2009

To honor our military and families

How many times have you heard "I support our military, and their families, and all they do for us"? Many times right? I'm sure you have said these words yourself. I know I have. But how do we really support them? What do we really do besides a nice phrase of thanks, not even to them, but just in general? Our military offer everything they have to protect us and serve us in any manner they are called upon to do. Leave home,

Friday, November 13, 2009

Masquerade of paper vs real

There's a difference between drinking for thirst or pleasure. When you're really thirsty, all you care about is doing some serious quenching, almost any liquid, in just about any container, will suffice just fine. But when you want to enjoy your drink, paper and plastic just don't get it for me. I don't like drinking out of paper cups. Makes your lips and tongue kind of dry and the cup feels flimsy to hold in your hand.. I find my tongue and fingers playing with the seam that holds it together. Hot is so very hot when holding paper or cardboard, even with the cute little "sleeves" that often come with the drinks. Not a fan of styrofoam either, especially those little magnetic ball shaped, can't get them off pieces of styrofoam fragments, that hang on to everything. How many of them have we ingested? There is the tendency to want to bite a chunk out of the styrofoam cup too. Can make a passive person aggressive just drinking out

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Loved ones from the past

There are days that seem to bring an abundance of  memories from loved ones in our past. You have had days like this I know. Our memory can be jarred by so much. A photo, an old movie, a song, words, seasons of the year, a conversation. It can be just about anything. Most days it makes us appreciate what is good in our lives. It makes it hard to understand why things are the way they are with much in the world. How easy it is to be hateful and opinionated against other people and their ways. How sometimes it seems that people need to have a target for that anger. And how little it takes to try to be understanding, appreciative, keep a sense

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Orca whales doing lunch.

It was a privilege to have my camera capture these Orca whales while kayaking in Alaska. It was late morning, and they were herding for salmon  (there were thousands and thousands of salmon). They weren't the slightest bit interested or curious about us. The thrill of being so close and being able to observe them made my heart pound and my stomach flutter. Afterwards I felt exhilerated and had a smile all across my face. I had never been in a kayak before, nor did I know that the water was 600 feet deep and 47 degrees F. I felt secure with the tour guides and tried to nurture the sense of adventure instead of the fear.

Ocean life and it's treasures

This is ocean life in it's element.  Always moving and changing. I was happy to get such a great photo. I didn't even see the starfish in the background until later. Since water covers so much of the earth's surface, the pleasure of exploration can be vast. Nature gives us beauty on earth, in the water, in the sky and underground. It's good to be adventurous and see and experience more of what life has to offer than our own backyard.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Human sexuality and nature

Ever notice that lots of things in the universe have sexual or erotic characteristics? I was waking along the beach, appreciating the ocean, the sand, the international port, the people and ships and all that comes with it. This object that I photographed struck me as interesting and beautiful. Not functioning in it's original intent, but laying on it's side, half out of the water,once used for large ships along the docks. When I looked over my photos later on, I noticed that it had an erotic interest to it. And as I shared it with others, amongst other "touristy type pictures", there was always a

Monday, November 9, 2009

Adirondack Chairs

I've always thought that these are such great looking chairs. They are in my backyard scattered in pairs along the little lake. They remind me of tall glasses of lemonade, sugar cookies, white linen clothes, lazy summer days, gentle breezes on moonlit nights with the sound of crickets in the background, peacefulness and romance. I seldom sit in them, even though they evoke

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Awakening A MEMORY

Memory. That word alone gives life. How can a memory that has sat idle and forgotten be brought back so vividly and powerful? That memory in the corner of your mind's attic, dusty and  stored long ago. I have recently reconnected with an old friend from high school and nursing school. We were bridesmaids in each other's weddings and shared hours of studying, laughter and positive energy. Constraints of time, family, jobs, children and life in general drew us apart, small pieces at a time. We had lost touch as happens so often. But when we reconnected, a flood of memories and happenings came back, visual images, conversations, trips, and emotions all mingled together. It made me wonder

Friday, November 6, 2009

A moment of attentiveness

Sometimes it's something very simple that catches our attention. A detail that often gets overlooked because we don't have time, and to get our attention things have to sometimes be grandeous and loud. We can see Beauty in the moment but only if we choose to live in that very moment. Here, I like the veins on the delicate pink flowers and the darkness of the background of the photo. It's kind of like knowing someone for a long time, and then you have that moment when everything changes. Has that happened to you?  It's almost as if you are truly seeing

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Spiders - terrifyingly fascinating

This was a spider colony that I almost walked by and overlooked. Once I saw them, I was overwhelmed with the vast area they covered. Out in the open and yet hidden at the same time.I have forgotten the name of the species. It was in the Florida Keys and there were actually thousands of them all along the waters edge, intermingled with bushes, trees and wild grasses. YES, I did say thousands! Although I am terrified by spiders, I find the strength and intricate details of their webs intriquing. They are relentless at rebuilding and I have never seen so many together with webs overlapping in all my life. Other walkerbys stopped to ask what we were photographing and soon became as fascinated as we were.Nature is amazing.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

SWANS at Home

There aren't very many animals that portray peace, elegance and love quite like the swan can. Ask someone to name a pair of animals that signify love, and I'm sure swans will be high on the list. Gliding effortlessly across the water, a swan's beautiful image is often reflected in the glasslike surface of the lake. They come back every year and nest and sometimes have fuzzy babies. They are attentive parents. I was so excited to first see them. I enjoy watching their activity in my backyard and learning about them. To my amazement this type of swan is actually very territorial and aggressive. With a very large wing span, about 8 feet across, and the sound of the flapping wings when they fly, so strong and powerful, they can be quite intimidating. Who knew? LOL

Casual and relaxed

I liked my friends shoes, thought they were fun. His stance was casual and relaxed. I love it when people can be themselves and have a good time.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Peaceful moment in the morning, summertime at Seward,Alaska. The mountains, waters, animals and scenery are unlike anywhere I have gone before. Nature takes hold of you and draws you in.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Domestic enjoyments for a Day

Sometimes I feel like being domestic. Like today. Most days I am glad to have all the modern conveniences especially about things like cooking. To open and heat up can be a fast and rewarding process when you are hungry. After years of preparing meals for a family with children, it's nice not to have to do that on a daily routine basis. Although to be honest, most days I didn't mind, and hoped that I made nutritious meals that were tasty too. I think I had a decent success rate, but you'd have to ask my kids their opinion to be sure. When you have to do something all the time it can feel like a chore, when you do it occassionaly it can seem like a pleasure. I do like to go to the store for fresh produce and ingredients and then decide on something to make based on the season's choices. I enjoy taking my time at the store and appreciating the process. Then coming home and putting some music on to play while I cut and chop and simmer and add ingredients to tast. I am not much of a

Friday, October 30, 2009

Vibrant Flower

The colors and detail of this flower caught my eye and the morning dew gave that feeling of real life, right now time to it's already amazing and vivid beauty.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


this is a little poem I wrote years ago feeling trapped and looking for change but not knowing how to make changes in the positive

Words from your lips
cut deep within, rushing
through my veins like broken glass
feeling pain again and again and again
I cannot stop
the bleeding
Looking into your familiar face
you have become a stranger
sadness overcomes me
like a tangling fishnet
holding me underwater
the change was in me
casting off a former shell of myself
growing away from you
steppiing over splintered glass
I walk down the aisle
the bride of experience and courage

leaving maiden dreams behind

the honeymoon is over.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

PROCRASTINATION is a not a four letter word

Procrastination. Some days I love doing it. It's a luxury that I can afford now more than earlier in life. It's not that I am not doing anything at all.  Rather, it's that I'm doing nothing  that is imminent or scheduled. I call it putzing. I might

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Looking out my window in the early morning light. A beautiful way to wake up and start the day!

Monday, October 26, 2009

These grapevines seemed to go on and on and on as if they were neverending at the Winery in northern Michigan. It felt like a fast trip for a day to Italy without the passport and traveling. The grapes were succulent and sweet, the air crisp, the view extraordinary. Nature pleasing the palate, the eyes and the soul.

October pleasures

What does fall make you think of?  Pumpkins, squash, autumn smells, bales of hay, falling leaves, apple orchards, cider both hot and cold, crisp temperatures and sunny afternoons. Thoughts of  halloween, comfort foods,back to school, children,football, sweaters, jackets and a frosty breath in the cold morning air. The unmistaken smell of turning on the furnace called upon after a long summer's rest, deer more abundant,  colors that reflect so many of nature's  jewels, yellows, golds, oranges, vibrant reds, deep greens  and more. Celebrate each season, it's beauty and it's unique characteristics as each of us is to be celebrated.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Birthdays, Celebrations and Grownups

Birthdays. I'm talking about adult birthdays. Children's birthdays are for another blog day. There's a lot of reminiscing that goes along with a birthday. All those you had in childhood. yes, I know. But right now I'm talking about Grown Up and having a birthday. Say it's a birthday day TODAY . . .  what does a birthday mean to you? Is it an important day of celebration?  A quiet day for yourself? Maybe a day just like any other. I have a friend that has celebrations of a birthday "week". I love

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Butterfly -black and pale yellow

This butterfly seems to get more beautiful every time I look at it. I photographed it in Florida and felt so serene and peaceful in that enviornment with flowers and butterflys.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Morning Dew

I was so excited to be able to capture the morning dew on these flowers. The color seemed so peaceful, the flowers so delicate.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Exercise:self vs trainer

How many of you work out on a regular basis? Do you push yourself to limits that are safe and effective, and concentrate on your fitness routine, correctly moving the muscles involved and using good form? Do you even have a routine, or is it one that you have had for years and you go through it mindlessly, with little effort except to say you accomplished your workout already today? I have noticed

Monday, October 19, 2009

Watercolor rose

This is a watercolor painting of a rose where I used only the 3 primary colors to create the entire palate.(red, blue and yellow)

A Memorial . . . what it means

I went to a memorial service today. It was for a neighbor that I knew, but not really well. But I was glad to have a chance to go and show respect, show caring and support to those that mattered to her, even if I didn't know them well either. Long ago, I used to wonder about

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Appreciating Nature

Today is a beautiful cool fall day. Looking out the window, you can forget exactly what the temperature is outside. A sunny day is just that, sun and warmth and happiness. The only obvious

Friday, October 16, 2009

Caller ID

I often find that technology exposes interesting and funny characteristics about ourselves. Like caller ID. I haven't thought too much about it until recently, and now I feel like it demands more analysis and thought. Remember, if you can, when the phone rang and you answered it with a friendly hello, not having a single clue who was on the other end? It seemed so simple then. Now before