Monday, April 25, 2011


     Today, my honey and I were standing in line at a retail store just waiting for one of the cashiers to call the next in line. We had never seen this cashier before, nor her us. After we approached the counter, she asked "How are you two lovebirds doing today?"  We laughed and said that we were blessed to have another day to enjoy and that life was pretty good to us when you put things all things in perspective.
     Now, she's not the only one that has made that remark to us. The lovebirds thing. A restaurant that we go to frequently for breakfast, they will sometimes annouce "the lovebirds are here" when we come in. People comment on how happy we look whether we are together or apart. It is both an honor and wonderful to share mutual love, appreciation and respect with someone.
     It feels good to know that people see that you are happy together. That when you are with the right person in life, it is good.. It's like coming home. You can be yourself and be comfortable.
      We are both (for the most part) positive, upbeat and caring. And we've had enough experience to know life is short, to appreciate what you have and let go of things you can't control.  Live and let live and embrace the good. Put the good into the universe and share with others.
     Have to admit, I like being part of a pair of lovebirds.

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