Thursday, July 29, 2010

I can't believe it . . . it's gone

     Well, I have myself to blame. Another lesson learned. Is there no end to how many lessons we keep learning? And how many lessons were there that I paid absolutely no mind too?
     When my computer was infected, I apparently lost a huge bundle of information that can't be retrieved. Special things . . . . I am a incurable romantic and collector of words. Not just any words, after all we can find millions of words in the dictionary, in magazines, books, on line. But words that have been lived, have been loved, have been explored, disected and embraced. Words that have been painful and even thoughts of words that were never said, never written and lost forever inside a heart, a mind or a soul.
     I should have downloaded the words that moved me. But we don't have all history erased as we travel through life. Sometimes we find a remnant tucked away in a corner, a look, hug, a conversation. Life experience makes you who you are everyday and of course we can't carry it all around. It's way too big and cumbersome. And the computer is no different.