Friday, November 20, 2009

When you're HOME

Home. What makes home really home? What is that feeling of taking a deep sigh and feeling relaxed as soon as you walk in the door? That moment when you say "It's good to be home".  Home reflects you. It smells like you, reflects the colors that you like, is comfortable, and everywhere there are things that make you happy. And of course it's very true, that it's not things, but people that make home a safe and happy place to be.  But let's talk about people another time. Do you have a favorite place to go to or sit in when you come home?  A chair, a corner? When you've been gone all day or days, even weeks at a time, what is the

Locked Regrets

Are there places in your heart that you have locked up from both yourself and others? How long have we locked up our emotions? Seems like most of us  have done some locking and chaining and bolting, sometimes double checking to be sure it's secure. That locked place, a place where you used to go often, then less, ignoring it for periods of time, but not forgetting. Do you go there sometimes still? Is there something in particular that sparks a desire to go to that place? You know it's there, you know what is inside. A place that is heavy, emotional or overwhelming for you? Why do you keep it locked?  When is it time to truly be who you are, with confidence? To celebrate the positive that has come from the hardship. Have you not