Friday, November 25, 2011

The day AFTER Thanksgiving Day

This is the day AFTER Thanksgiving. Of course I ate too much, reminisced about the past, missed people no longer with us, cried a few tears in their memory, joyed at the prospect of new tomorrows, smiled at the constant changes that happen in our lives, and listened, talked and laughed.

All day yesterday I was thinking about what the day really means, listening to people and what they give thanks for out loud. It was really the simplest of things that were mentioned again and again and seemed the most important. Good health, friends, family, enough food to eat, a roof over their heads, a job, a sense of humor, faith, laughter. And almost everyone finished their thoughts with . . . "I am really so blessed already".

I have to agree. But I want to add something else. I am so very thankful to see that HOPE stills lives on and that UNCONDITIONAL LOVE somehow prevails and is strong enough to make everything better.