Friday, April 22, 2011

Appreciation for a blog

I love to read about how people live their lives, what motivates them and how they find strength from hardships that they have gotten through. I am encouraged by stories of relationships and each person's journey because I learn from them, I am nurtured and see life from another person's perspective.  I realize that no mattter who we are or where we come from, the emotions we have are the same. We can all feel joy, feel sadness, feel alone and feel loved. And we too can give love, give joy, give of ourselves to others.

There are lots of blogs that I skim over and realize that I don't have much in common with, at least with the topics that they write about.  But there are those special blogs that keep me coming back. Like a good book that you can't wait to finish and yet never want it to end. Writers that have made an impact on me and don't even realize how much. People that write about what is going on in their life that I relate to now, or takes me back to another time, or gives me hope for the future. Blogs that support others that are going through a hard time, or encouragement when it's needed. And congratulations for accomplishments. These are strangers that become friends, because we are more alike than we are different.

 I really appreciate the blogs that have a sense of humor. Laughter makes the day a little lighter and lifts our spirits even when we don't realize how much we need to laugh that day. I would not have thought that so many bloggers, by writing a few words or posting a picture could touch my heart, and inspire me so much. I am brought to deep places in my heart, and exposed to new ways of thinking.

 So this springtime, when we see new life and possiblities all around us, I want to say thank you to each and every blogger for giving something of yourself. I for one, really appreciate you.