Saturday, February 19, 2011

Write RIGHT Now

           That's right, write it NOW.
           In this month's Elle magazine, Joyce Carol Oates is interviewed in  part about her book  'A Widow's Story'. It'strue and based on her husband of over forty years getting  pneumonia, going to the hospital and in one week, getting an infection and dying.
       This experience is intensely violent to one's emotions and changes in life. It made me think of my own life and how your world can become completely overturned in a short time without notice.    
      Ms. Oates recalls  she had to write it as she was going through it.. To write and feel the words in the months of widowhood immediatley after his death.

     With happenings in my own life, I have often said, someday I will write about it.
     But in truth, the waiting can change the intensity and perspective of  feeling. Feelings might calm, understanding and acceptance might come, but too, anger or pain can also fester and grow.

     When we wait to tell a story, the story itself often changes.  Tell a story in a circle, whisper a few sentences in an ear and telling them to pass it on to the next person. By the time it comes back to you, part of the story is different by each teller and interpretation.  Our own personal stories change as we journey through the road of life.
     So write that story today, right now, when all the feelings are vivid and strong and want to be heard.. If it calls to you . . . write it again later on and see how the orchestra of life has given it a different rhythm.