Monday, October 26, 2009

These grapevines seemed to go on and on and on as if they were neverending at the Winery in northern Michigan. It felt like a fast trip for a day to Italy without the passport and traveling. The grapes were succulent and sweet, the air crisp, the view extraordinary. Nature pleasing the palate, the eyes and the soul.

October pleasures

What does fall make you think of?  Pumpkins, squash, autumn smells, bales of hay, falling leaves, apple orchards, cider both hot and cold, crisp temperatures and sunny afternoons. Thoughts of  halloween, comfort foods,back to school, children,football, sweaters, jackets and a frosty breath in the cold morning air. The unmistaken smell of turning on the furnace called upon after a long summer's rest, deer more abundant,  colors that reflect so many of nature's  jewels, yellows, golds, oranges, vibrant reds, deep greens  and more. Celebrate each season, it's beauty and it's unique characteristics as each of us is to be celebrated.