Tuesday, February 1, 2011

All of Mother Nature's seasons

     As the winter storm approaches I am hoping to snap a few beautiful camera shots of the white and icy beauty.
     Looking out the window, I see a blur of fast moving white lines. Sometimes, we must be patient for winter tranquility. Mother Nature is covering us with her beautiful white blanket of snow. And tranquitity will come. But right now she is coming in along with Winter Wind Warrior. It appears that at this moment, I'll have to wait for the dancing and party to settle down.
     For now though, won't you come with me? I'd like to give your mind a warm and balmy journey. Envision this, then grab a tea and put up your feet, take a sip and close your eyes. All cozy and comfy? Then come with me now, inhale deeply let me lead you to some of that ME time that you so deserve  . . .
     Feel the warmth of the sun on your face, temperatures that warm you up even deep into the coldness of your bones. Smell the salty mist in the air. Embrace the soft whisper of a gentler wind on your skin. Seagulls in the distance, in harmony with the coming in and out of the tide. As you languishly stroll the beach, your feet digging into the soft tawny colored sand, with water splashing against your legs. Breathe in deeply, exhale it all nice and slowly. You feel your body relaxing, your mind clearing and feel one with the earth. Here is a tropical place where the sky is filled with golden memories of the day and the promise of another chance to appreciate all the seasons and people in our lives. I love to come here and please join me anytime.