Thursday, January 7, 2010

OH, you needed a Ride?

Can I give you a ride you ask? Ok, sure, ah . . . one second though.
Ususally (where I live), we use ours cars and trucks as solidary means of travel. We go from place to place getting in and out, making it our traveling nest with things we can't do without or think we should have just in case. Clues of who we are, strewn about inside or all organized and tidy. For me, there are sunglasses I hardly wear, a sqaure box of facial tissues and a few napkins for emergencies, a plastic straw, one plastic set of silverware, and a flashlight with a (sad to say) low battery. Antibacterial hand gel for after pumping gas, I hate smelling gas on my hands for hours afterwards, some loose change in a sandwich size ziplock bag, and a