Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tea Time on Tuesday

I am on the road, doing the hotel shuffle working my way from Michigan to Florida, making stops along the way for business, fun, adventure and necessity. On the road you appreciate the little pleasures and comforts of life. Things from home, convienences, memories, rituals. In a hotel room, it can be a pot to make hot water

Circle of closed minds

Last night I was in conversation with friends, new friends. And I had to think, what makes some people just open up ansd share of themselves without holding back, a desire to impress, be loud, shock, that devil may care attitude whether you like them or not? And others hold back so much, be timid, afraid to be judged, critizied or maybe more afraid to open a door to a place that has been locked and guarded for way too long. It takes time to trust, to feel comfortable and willing to share. We give little bits and pieces of ourselves. Like