Saturday, June 26, 2010


How sweet the memories of the past. Sunny days of playing in the breaking waves of the oceans. Carefree and running on white sandy beaches. Inhaling the fresh salty air. Watching animals and people living in a beautiful, safe world. 
We have had a lifetime of taking nature for granted.
This earth is our most precious jewel for it cannot be replaced. Treat each other more kindly, we all need more love and understanding as we tread into our uncertain future.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Welcome the Sun

The morning sun is welcome to enter my home every day. I don't want the sun to have to sneak in through a crack in the drapery forcing its way inside. I put out the welcome mat by leaving my bedroom windows wide open, no blinds, curtains or drapes as covering. Now, it is notable that I am so NOT a morning person. But I love how the sun gently comes calling. Slowly coming over the horizon, sometimes partnered with clouds and sometimes boldly on it's own. The sun's brightness and heat make their way delicately and gently into my room. The sun comes to me as it does all of earth, the birds singing it's daily debut. If the sun doesn't get my attention, it gets brighter, hotter and I find that I cannot ignore it's calling any more. It has an in your face engaging force that is undeniably persuasive.  The sun has given me the invitation to rejoice in the opportunity to live another day.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Will you just listen?

There are conversations that we have with ONLY certain people..
    Often  a complete stranger that will confide in you about something that is deep within their heart.
 I think it can be easier to open up to a stranger as we deem them to not be as judgemental as our loved ones are.
     I aspire to be that loved one and stranger that will be open to listening. To really be open to that person that needs to share whatever is in their heart and on their mind.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Kindness of Others

Today my busy day was filled with appointments, errands and checking off my lists (of things to do or get when I'm out) kind of day. A hectic day and I was stressed about all the things I had to do. I decided to get done what I could and let it be. But strangley I began to notice something.
Everyone I made contact with today was especially nice, helpful, polite and friendly. And it was a Monday too.
1-a neighbor making sure my car was okay.
2- a patient at the Dr's waiting room office wishing me well and thanking me for having such a nice conversation with them.
3- the nurse at the Dr's office helping with the paperwork to expedite my time there when it wasn't part of her job.
4- a phone call with a very, very courteous operator.
5- a restaurant waitress taking my carry out order, and forgetting to put my name on the order, and when I picked it up the owner remembered what I usually order ( I only go there once every 4-6 weeks)and brought it out to the car for me.
6- my neighbor (another one) taking my groceries into the house for me.
7- several people holding the door for me. Someone holding the elevator for me.

WOW. Not these many things usually happen in one day. These are little things, but they were all so appreciated. It's great to have acknowledgement that there are so many kind and caring hearts in the world. Today was a wonderful day sponsored by some of God's beautiful children of all ages. It makes me more excited about giving to others.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Where Life leads Us

When we set out into the world, we can never be sure where the path will lead us. Sometimes we are prepared, sometimes not.
It is good to keep an open mind, have strong faith and start with a full stomach.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

COME . . .

Come with me today . . .  NOW.
Leave what you are doing.
Take my hand, close your eyes, I want to share a special place with you. Not later, but right now. It must be now. For this moment is all we can be certain of. This moment. For tomorrow is not promised us.
I brought a lunch of cheese, bread, fruit and wine. Let's sit in the shade of the tree with tropical breezes on our faces and in our hair. We'll talk of life, of love, of hopes and dreams. Our eyes will be our windows to the soul. Our hearts open, our words speak true, our spirit exposed and safe. We will reflect in beautiful silence and listen to nature as it nurtures our being. Hear the waves splash over and over against the shore. Hear the birds above. Inhale deeply the serenity, be calm. Come with me now won't you?

Monday, June 7, 2010

Closed ears


Can you tell me . . . How do you share what's in your heart to to someone that has turned their back to you and closed their ears?

All kinds of LOVE

There are all kinds of love.

The "I've loved you for a long time and we've shared a lot together" love makes your heart feel full and your lips turn up in a smile.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

He stole my heart

     He stole my heart. I think it was the baby blues that seduced me first. We met as strangers on a stairway in the late evening some time ago. I was on an extended trip, leasing a darling little condo on an island. He came by one night, watching me and keeping a safe distance. He was coy and had an engaging personality, a seasoned flirt. His voice teasing me with his repetitive meowing.
     The next night he was back,