Thursday, October 14, 2010

What is your Season of Life?

      It's beautiful weather here. Sunny warm days with cool breezes coming through the windows at night. A smell in the air of autumn, telling us summer is over.
     In Michigan, fall is breathtakingly beautiful. The colors vibrant, the sound of crunching leaves as you walk upon them. A damp, earthy aroma fills your nostrils with life as it is changing. Mother nature is amazing when you take time to spend with at her. 
     She hypnotizes us. Colorful leaves float effortlessly back and forth, cascading softly downward, falling without a sound. Peaceful and beautiful.
     This means winter is around the corner, with it's own beauty, a hibernation, a dying down and stark reality. 
      New life is springtime, fragile, delicate and energizing. We celebrate hope and want more. And so it comes, in the form of summer. With glorious radiance and ripe fruits of life,  like a woman in her prime, still giving more to others than ourselves.
      Autumn, when we appreciate what paths we had to take to get here. Acknowledging who we are and embracing our own needs and desires without guilt, for we see Time waiting down the road. Beckoning us. Fall is vibrant and intense, there is no going back to spring again.
      Everything is possible now. Indian summer? A sudden resurgence of summer, a last dance if you will, some of autumn already under our belts. Fall is life's wrinkles and life's tales. It shows we lived. It's a confidence and energy in life.
      Winter comes soon enough.  A slowing down, recalling our own seasons.
      Maybe, if we're lucky, our lives go out after an ice storm. Our best memories glistening in the bright sun, our love and good deeds sparkling brightly. And as our ice memories melt, perhaps they can quench the thirst and nurture the next generation to be beautiful in their own way.