Sunday, November 1, 2009

Domestic enjoyments for a Day

Sometimes I feel like being domestic. Like today. Most days I am glad to have all the modern conveniences especially about things like cooking. To open and heat up can be a fast and rewarding process when you are hungry. After years of preparing meals for a family with children, it's nice not to have to do that on a daily routine basis. Although to be honest, most days I didn't mind, and hoped that I made nutritious meals that were tasty too. I think I had a decent success rate, but you'd have to ask my kids their opinion to be sure. When you have to do something all the time it can feel like a chore, when you do it occassionaly it can seem like a pleasure. I do like to go to the store for fresh produce and ingredients and then decide on something to make based on the season's choices. I enjoy taking my time at the store and appreciating the process. Then coming home and putting some music on to play while I cut and chop and simmer and add ingredients to tast. I am not much of a