Thursday, February 25, 2010

Looking at Your Heart

What does your heart look like?
     My heart looks a bit worn and tattered. It's not as bright red, not as perfectly shaped as a young brand new heart. It's been hurt and broken and tested. It's been embraced and pushed away.
It has a bruise here and there. Several lacerations, a few pretty deep. Lots of scuff marks.
     Relationships can change your heart. Loss makes it's mark with a heavy hand. Time changes it. Life can do that to your heart.
     But it is also large and caring. It is capable for much more than what it looks like it can do. It is wiser than before, more resistant, more patient. And forgiving. But most of all it is hopeful and always has room for love. It knows truth and sincerity. It knows kindness.
     Look beyond the heart, look into it, until you see into the heart's very soul. And that is where we grow, we share, we know, we understand. It is where we love unconditionaly. It is where we are all beautiful.
(photo - unknown source)