Sunday, August 15, 2010

Being Away

    Why do we feel the need to apologize for being away from writing on our blogs?

    I don't think anyone expects us to blog everyday. I don't think we signed a contract to write daily. Although when I am in tune with a writer I look forward to seeing what is on their mind and how we connect over a subject matter, or how their words can affect my moods or way of thinking. They often times will embrace my emotions that I am experiencing too. I don't apologize for not visiting their blog for a while. Even though I sometimes feel a little guilty for not commenting or reading some of my favorite authors more frequently.

      Just like in life, it bothers me when I haven't seen or talked with someone for a while and the first thing they do is apologize about it. I have done it myself. This apologizing thing. We get busy with daily life, we have unexpected circumstances come up. We might feel ill or overwhelmed or tired and maybe even lazy. But nothing takes away from the intention of wanting to be with someone.

     I am not going to apologize for life getting busy. I am embracing the chance to read, to talk, to see and to feel the people that make a difference in my life. No more "I'm sorry that  I haven't been in touch. . . " . Why start off in a negative mode? Let's appreciate and acknowledge what's wonderful in life. From now on it will be "I'm so glad that we had this chance to reconnect again".  Positivity begets positivity.

     This is a little story of  two grandmothers.
One of them said to her children, grandchildren and friends everytime they came to visit . . .  "Oh, why don't you come to see me more often? I am lonely and want company. Where have you been? It's been so long since you were here last."
The other grandmother said to her children, grandchildren and friends when they visit . . .  "Oh my, how wonderful that you made the time to visit me. I know how busy you are and I feel so special that you had some time to spend with me! Tell me all about what is going on in your life."

Which grandmother would you make time for?