Friday, January 20, 2012


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Love, caring and sharing.
Do you have a special someone that makes life better for you no matter what is happening?
The person you go to to share your joys, your heartbreaks. They are your constant comfort zone . . . a  'coming home' and feeling safe state of mind.
Are you that someone to anyone else?

I am so fortunate that I have people like this in my life.

Often they are not the first, or even the most likely, that one might think of.
They understand unconditional.

Just to hear their voice or feel their embrace makes the whole world better right away.
I hope that I have been (and will be) that 'coming home' for someone.

We need to tell them how important they are to us. Please tell them soon.

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  1. Funny thing just happened, I just went into my dashboard to get the link to your blog and there you were, right at the top.
    Good photo choice by the way. Yes I think Wynand, my surgeon friend, and I both turn to each other for that something special you are talking about, without the embrace of course :)
    There is also Marie my friend for the past twenty years but she lives quite a way from Melkbos and of course my family. I know exactly where you are coming from but to tell the truth my most special friend is the Son of God, Jesus. That's who I turn to most and when in His company I am most comforted. The best part is, I know you feel exactly the same way.
    May you be surrounded by caring friends who understand and love you. May they let you know just how comforted by you they are but above all may the Lord whisper in your ear just how comforted He is by your company. You certainly comfort me by the encouraging comments you leave for me to enjoy.
    Bless you, may you find the time to hear the expressions of love forwarded to you by those who do indeed love you, Geoff.