Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A paying it forward - thanks

Paying it forward . . .

      in today's mail I received a lovely  envelope with a surprise in it from my friend and fellow blogger Lori Anderson at PRETTYTHINGSBLOG.com.
     It makes me happy to get something in the mail that isn't a bill, advertisment or junk mail. Not too often do we get fun mail. Personal snail mail is becoming rare.
     I remember as a child, my uncle used to write letters to me, of everyday simple things. Just getting the envelope addressed to me made me happy and feel special.
     Lori's envelope took me back to that time. Thank you Lori. Won't you stop by and visit her at her blog, she really does have pretty things to show you and kind words to share as well.

In honor of paying it forward . . . if you send your name and address (no matter where in the world you live) to my email (check my profile page, it's there), I'll be sending out a few Paying it forwards myself . . . maybe one to you. Won't you consider sending someone a snail mail, think of how much you appreciate it.


  1. Letters have become a lost art. I hope cards aren't soon to follow!

  2. What a lovely reminder of how important sending handcrafted letters is. I often send letters to my 3year old nieces, because I remember how awesome it felt to see my name on something in the mailwhen I was a kid. At work, I hand write all of my envelopes even if they have serious business in them. Whenever mail comes to me, I always open the handwritten ones first, even if I know if is just from my insurance agent. - G

  3. To:

    Pat - Somehow cards seem easier to send for many. I'll take either one, but my favorite is the letter, it's a more involved personal process I think.

    Georgina - So nice that you're passing on the joys of getting mail. I open the handwritten ones last, like savoring the last bite of chocolate.

  4. isn't it nice to get something in the mail, that make you smile.

  5. I do send snail mails--see my little laniappe story on No Polar. And I'll trade snail mails with you . . .

  6. If you sent me your snail mail addy . . . you might want to check your mailbox this week for something besides a bill.

  7. This post really touched me. When i was in college, my mom wrote me a letter almost every day. It really helped ease the home sickness & fear of that new beginning. They were better than any phone call - I could keep reading & re-reading them. After mom passed away, while going thorugh her things, I found all the letters I wrote to her while in college - it was like finding a journal documenting my evolution! I couldn't believe she kept them all. It makes me sad that young men & women today don't know this joy!

  8. To:

    O.Joy :
    I too wrote my daughter almost daily while in college, although it was 99% emails. I gave her hard copies after graduation. Thinking about it now, I probably should have kept them and let her find them after I am gone.
    Written words are so cherished as time passes on, thank you for sharing your story.