Friday, July 8, 2011


Can you descibe yourself in three words?
A difficult task to be sure.
Are they the same three words that those closest to you would use?

I had a class, quite some time ago, that was intimate because we spent an entire year and
a half together studying and doing practical clinical time. It was early mornings, late nights and
accelerated studies. A stressful time. Many were short on money, going through changes in
relationships, trying to work as well and be a part of family and friends too. Everyday stresses
and more added to a pressure cooker. Not enough hours in the day. Yes, I'm sure most of
 you can relate in some way.
At the end of the year, there was a day where everyone had to describe each other in class in
three words. We had to write them down on paper. No one saw what anyone wrote.
 The next day we were given the words that described us.
A pretty powerful experience. Some surprises and mostly many affirmations.
Overall it was really much more positive than anything.
Think about it. Do you know the same you that others do?


  1. Impatient, loyal, passionate

  2. wow....that would have been a powerful experience. i would love to do that with 10 family members/friends :)

    now my three words would be...impatient, caring and silly
    my hubby joined forces and said.....caring, selfless and inspirational

  3. We had to do something like this at my work. A sort of 360 degree evaluation. I was totally surprised when somebody said I was aloof.

  4. I love the way you end this got me thinking.

  5. What a great post....and it is certainly something to ponder.



  6. oh this leaves me thinking... ; )
    what a great post.

  7. I've done this (with a group). It made me cry.

  8. Me in three words:

    Piece of work.

    I'm guessing others see me the same way.

  9. I've often wondered what others (who know me) say about me or think about me--how they would describe me...