Thursday, June 2, 2011

Life changes

Someone very close to me lost their longtime mate a few years back.
Quite suddenly. She has been a trooper through it all.  From the diagnosis, to the quickly declining  health, to the death that came way too soon. She played the cards that life gave her. I'm sure she asked why a million times.
 I saw strength of her spirit and faith. She still had family to care for.

She is a young woman with lots of energy and wants to live more of life. I can see a change in her eyes, and a restlessness for new things in her life. She is ready to go out and see what comes her way or travel another road somewhere. She wants to have fun again.

The other night, we shared dinner with her and her "friend". I don't know if this is a romantic link or not. They were very relaxed together. Laughing at personal jokes and being comfortable with the little things that you do when you know someone intimately in an emotional way.  I do know she seemed so much happier. And isn't that just what we want for our friends and loved ones? We want them to be happy. I am still smiling.


  1. Life does go on for the living. I never dreamed I'd move on after my husband died, but the loneliness took control. I'm glad I moved on and I know hubby wanted me to move on. I'm happy for your friend.

  2. I'm happy for your friend as well. Life does have to go on, although we might not want it to sometimes. Lovely that your friend is able to smile again and that the light is back in her eyes. I'm sure her life-long partner who passed away far too early, wouldn't have wanted her to be on her own and unhappy for the rest of her life.

  3. Oh, it is. But, it takes a generous heart to wish it for them. A heart like you have.

  4. I have a good friend who suffered a similar fate sometime ago ( Today, she's become a strong independent woman, enjoying her freedom and I am truly happy for her. I hope I will be able to stand strong and tall like her if ever I am placed in the same shoes.