Sunday, October 9, 2011


I think this message is timely for the beginning of a new week.
I went to a birthday party this weekend for a 70 year young person. All was lovely. the venue, the people, food and music. There was of course a reason to celebrate good times. There were acknowlegements, speeches and words to live by.

The birthday celebrant held in his hand an RSVP. It was the first one he received after the invitations went out. From a special person in his life. Yes, I'll be there the RSVP said.

But something happened. With best intentions to be part of a celebration, the sender of the RSVP suddenly had passed away a week earlier. It matters not their age, or their intentions. They were gone now. Sometimes we shouldn't wait for an official occassion to share freindship or love. That moment may not be there for us. We have to do it at every chance we have. May you have moments in your life this week, that you take the time to make a difference.


  1. How sad. I'm sorry to hear that. Hopefully, this person knew how much they were loved!

  2. That's the secret isn't it? Taking the time. Showing people we love them more than getting our laundry finished, etc.