Friday, June 24, 2011

Validity of feelings

     There are times when I become sad and melancholy and feel like I have no control over very much in my life. It is at those times that I question if what I am feeling or thinking is accurate and valid, or if I've missed the boat entirely. Maybe I am reading and putting too much into it. . . .  .  (continued)

     This is especially true when I think and feel one way and someone that l love thinks and feels completely differently. It pains me to see people being unforgiving, as unwilling to try to understand another's viewpoint or at least listen to it.

     Closed doors of the heart and of the mind leave us out in the cold with no where to go. Anger and hurt reside there, in that ugly place. Sometimes we can't change a thing and sometimes we have to be patient. But if we at least have a tiny sliver of  hope and faith then all is not forsaken. There is a crack where a seed could grow, an opening for light to come through. The sentiment is that truth prevails, it sets you free . . .  but one has to open the eyes, tune in our hearing, soften the heart and unlock the mind. We have to use our arms to embrace one another not to use them as barricades from each other. What makes us want to hold on so tightly to hate, to negativity, to being unforgiving? It should fall from our grasp so easily.

     Of course in our visions, we all wear our own glasses to look at the world and our individual experiences surely have weight on how we look at life. There is a quote that I often think about and unfortunately I don't know who to give credit to, but it goes like this, " Life is rarely about what happened; it's mostly about what we think happened".

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