Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Out on a Limb

Sometimes it's good to sit higher and farther out on the limb than your usual comfy place. 
When you look about you'll have the opportunity to see the world and
yourself from a new perspective.


  1. Excellent!! A changed "perch", a wider scope definitely brings a fresh perspective and it's good to challenge our thinking!

  2. I so liked this post today.....and I could not agree more. Too often fear stops us from doing the exact thing we need to do.



  3. Wonderful advice for us all today! I expect we would all be surprised if we could just take that leap into the unknown and see the world from a different view.

  4. that is so true!
    Great words and photo...
    Here's to a great weekend!

  5. Sitting further out on the limb is far more exciting, that's the area that gets the most wind and so hanging on is mandatory, but it is worth it. I like this post of your's. God bless you my brave friend, Geoff.

  6. Excellent thought!

    One time, I was in a funk for some reason I don't remember. I was at the beach with my family slouched in a lawn chair feeling morose and cranky. Someone called me, and I stood up and looked around at the lovely scene of water, trees, sky, ducks, people playing and was washed with joy. The simple act of standing and looking at the world from a new vantage pulled me out of my mini-depression. I always remember that and often will try to change my perspective literally as well as figuratively.

  7. Good advice. Sometimes when you're out on that limb, it breaks off! But at least you saw things from a different perspective.