Thursday, May 19, 2011

personal footprints

I'm showing show you a macro close up of a stone I found by the ocean with a twig laying across it so you can see the detail. All living things leave behind a footprint of some kind. Some footprints are short term and others long.
I was fascinated by the perfect little circular designs on this stone. I don't know what it was that left the impressions. It made me think of what kind of impression I am leaving behind. I'm sure that it might depend on who you ask. I would like to think that it's more positve than anything. But I guess one never really knows for sure. I know that some of the funerals or memorials that I have gone to, the person that has passed away would so have enjoyed what others thought and said about them. That's why I try to tell people some of those things now, instead of over their dead body. I wish that more people would be open to hearing and saying things while it means something.


  1. That's exactly how I feel. If you didn't want to bother knowing me in life, don't come around when I'm dead! Don't be a hypocrite. Great post. Interesting picture.

  2. One thing I believe in doing is showing someone how much you care now, not when they have passed on. I sent flowers and letters to an Uncle who was ailing for quite awhile and told him how much it meant to me that he and my Aunt had been such a witness all through their lives for Christ. I also sent flowers and letters to a friend over the years, who recently died from cancer (a 6 year battle). Yes, I agree, tell these people now how much they mean to you. Do things for them now--now is the time.

  3. Amazing picture you did there! I wonder what on earth did make those little circles. They are so neat. I so agree with you about telling people how we feel about them now, rather than leaving it too late. That is so important I feel.

  4. Hey, nice picture of coral. These little animals build continents and islands. You must live in a tropical area, we don't get coral here, too cold. You have left a big impression on me by the way. God bless you my friend and thanks for this post, I needed the reminder. Lots of love, Geoff.

  5. To:
    Bouncin Barb - guess we have to pass the word on sharing feelings while we still can.

    Joy - I know that your Uncle, Aunt and friend appreciated your flowers letters and love very much.

    Thisisme - I thought they were such perfect circles too. Isn't nature amazing? Yes, the telling is important.

    Geoff Maritz - Ah coral. I took this photo in the Florida Keys(USA). They have over 6000 coral reefs there. Somehow I didn't think of it as being coral as it looked like a large stone.
    Always good to hear from you my friend.

  6. I agree, why is it at funerals people are praised like they are saints. Why can't they be loved that much when they are alive.

  7. I agree that it is important to share with people how and why they are loved and valued.

    That is a wonderful picture.