Friday, May 13, 2011

The pendulum of a Lock

In life,  we have dreams.
We dream of experiences to come. Things you want to do, need to do.
And yet . . . 
You come across a baracade, a locked gate or door.
This is as far as you get, no opening, no key, no passage.

The question I ask you is . . .
are you locked IN or locked OUT?


  1. That's a very good question. I like to think locked out because that means I still have the whole world to check out. Locked in means there's boundaries.. I don't like boundaries.

  2. i love this...i did a similar post years ago with a fence...wondering if you are keeping people out or keeping yourself in when you build one....

    hmmmm, now i have some thinking to do.....

  3. To:
    Bouncin Barb - Yes, I think locked in is harder to deal with. It's even more confinement.

    Beth - great perspective about who has put the fence up.