Friday, April 29, 2011

to thank someone

I have been around an increasing number of people lately that have been extremely ill, either acutely or chronicaly. All ages, young and old, but mostly in between. And of course seniors in their 70's and even late 80's. There have passed some anniversaries of the deaths of special people in my life.  Death . . . it's something we can't avoid.  We all end up there somehow.

But it may be closer than we know. We all start dying the second we are born.

So why do we as humans waste so much time?
Why do we hold grudges? Why are we hateful? Why do we nurture anger?
And I have to think,  that we, myself included, never say thank you enough. We never say I love you and really mean it enough. We never tell someone that their presence in our lives has made a difference. We need to look into the eyes when we talk, the words need to come from the heart and we need to hug a little longer.  The trival meaningless things are just that. Forget the insignificant negative things in life.

Remember the who, what, when, where and why.  
WHO needs to hear the words I love you ?
WHAT  do I need to do to show them how important they are to me?
WHEN was the last time I really thanked someone for being in my life
WHERE else can I be thankful?
WHY am I waiting another minute?

So today, thank someone, appreciate someone, love someone . . . 
You may not have that chance tomorrow.

I know I have lots of thanking to do.


  1. Wonderful post today! I really appreciated it and the words are so true. None of us know what is going to happen tomorrow, so we must NEVER put off letting people know just how much they mean to us, and we must all try to put a little happiness into someone else's life. Thank you.

  2. This is so important, and so easy to overlook! We are blessed with the presence of so man good people in our lives, yet we just blow past them without stopping and saying how much better life is because of them.

    When we do that, we are changed. And the are changed.

  3. This is a great reminder to many OWT. I keep trying to do this in my life because of my late husband who faced death and did it with dignity and a change of heart on how he should live and love. I've learned so much about living and dying from him. Everyday is a gift.

  4. If with pleasure you are viewing
    any work a man is doing
    if you like him
    or you love him
    tell him now
    Don't withhold your approbation
    'til the parson makes oration
    and he lies with snowy lilies on his brow
    if he earns your praise, bestow it
    if you like him,
    let him know it
    for he can't read his tombstone when he's dead.

    I forget the author.

    So important to say thank you and I love you!

  5. My thanks today go especialy to you. Thanks!Added to that I would like you to know that you too are important in my life. Thanks for being patient and never giving up on me. I appreciate it. Love Geoff.

  6. gratitude is a beautiful emotion. and regret is one of the worst. gratitude resonates throughout all the universe... as does love; be sure to tell everyone you love that you do, at every opportunity.
    thank you for this post. love it. for I have lost so many people so many that if I told you the number, you would not believe me. and I learned this lesson the hard way.
    THANK YOU for this post!

  7. To:
    Thisisme- yes, we never know what tomorrow brings, or if tomorrow will even come at all. Thanks for always stopping by my posts.

    Marrion Williams-Bennet - when we change, others do too. Little things are so important. Good point.

    Bouncin Barb - one live can make us look at the world so differently. I know your late husband made a reall influence in how you live now.

    Mary Stebbins Taitt - A great poem. I know that often people end up talking to a tombstone saying words they wish they would have said in person.

    Geoff - Thank you (blushing). But it is I that as one of your faithful readers, thanks you for your inspirations.

    Stephanie Gale - we do seem to learn many lessons the hard. I am sorry for your many losses. Each life is precious and each loss is difficult. To lose many . . . there are no words that I can say to make it easier. But you have been blessed with having them in your life and they in yours, for whatever time together you had.