Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Rough waters

There are times in my life when I feel like I am sailing along quite nicely. The winds of being a good and happy person fill my sails and the sun of life's blessings shine ever so brightly upon me. I have much to be grateful for and am ordinarily a pretty optimistic person.

 I come in contact with others on their own courses through life that inspire me, awe me, and touch me in some way. I look to them as someone to learn from and someone to care about and grow with.

I always thought that as you grew older, with life experiences, you became stronger and a bit hardened to life's blows. That you started to care less. And why I thought this  . . .  I have absolutely NO IDEA. It's not about caring less, but letting each person grow and travel their own seas without criticism or judgement.

 I don't seem to take things as personal now or feel it's all about me and my perspective (that is what we do when we are young, isn't it? Life only exists in how it pertains to me). But I find that everything affects me personally. If that makes any sense to you. I can feel another's pain when they hurt, I celebrate in their joys and feel just as happy when life is good for them. I am excited for their growth and am smiling when someone finds true love. I have learned that we all must live and learn our own lessons in our own time. In my own journey, my winds and waters are not like yours, our skills are unique to each one of us, no matter if we travel the same path or not.

And as it is springtime, right now . . .  I have found some ice still floating in my waters, the wind is strong and a bit colder than I would like, the skies can loom heavy and frightful as night approaches. There are other boats out here with me on their own journey. And yet we all  hope and know that nothing is forever. Change comes to us that are strong, have faith and are concious of where we are going or want to go.  It is inevitable, for change will come, for those that want it to and also to those that don't want it.

Today, my heart is a bit heavy and the seas are choppy. I could get sick to my stomach, but I will keep my eyes on the horizon and work hard to steer through the course.

With the morning sun will come another day of possibilities and another day of a chance for heaven on earth. If smooth seas and balmy breezes come not tomorrow, then there will be the possibility that it will come the next day, and the next . . .


  1. A beautiful post. Indeed, sometimes the waters are choppy and we can feel ice move through our veins and be in our path. And we hold on and we look at the horizon and wait for the seas to be calm once again.

  2. I hope the waters calm and the sun comes out!

    A lovely and thought-provoking post.

    I find myself, as I grow older, wiser and more mature in some ways, but less resilient, also, in some ways.

  3. well i guess you need the choppy waters sometimes to make you appreciate the peacefulness of the calm.

  4. Beautiful...

    My boat sails stormy seas
    Battles oceans filled with tears
    At last my port's in view
    Now that I've discovered you
    Oh I'd give my life so lightly
    For my gentle lady
    Give it freely and completely
    To my lady
    As life goes drifting by
    Like a breeze she'll gently sigh
    And slowly bow her head
    Then you'll hear her softly cry.
    Words that you say when we're alone
    Though actions speak louder than words
    But all I can say is I love you so
    To drive away all my hurt
    Set sail towards the sun
    Feel the warmth that's just begun
    Share each and every dream
    They belong to everyone

    -Ray Thomas