Thursday, March 11, 2010


     The birth of an idea.    
     Where do the initial stirrings come from? What is that place, that person, that one thing that made the light turn on in your brain?
     What is the motivation that allows it to come to life and
makes it move forward for you, the energy that swells from deep inside you and grows outward? 
     You have an idea, your mind is on fire and exploding with creative details. You can't sleep, you can hardly think about anything else. Your mind races, analyzes, plans.
     You're hesitant to share your thoughts for fear that it might jinx your idea or that you will get negative influences that dampen your enthusiasm.
     The whole process is daunting, mesmerizing, inspiring, exciting.
     I have an idea right now, that I am researching, thinking, rethinking, planning and dreaming about.
     Actually I have a few sparks that I want to ignite. There is a bird inside that needs to sing. An oyster that yearns to open a pearl. I'm still in the planning stages, still thinking things out. Drawing up plans and making lists. I need to be open to changes as I proceed, flexibility is a valuable tool. Patience is of utmost importance. I can't get ahead of myself.
     Passion has so much to do with creativity.
     Share with me what nurtures your creativity.

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