Saturday, March 6, 2010


      Are you a list maker? At one time or another we all make them.
     Think for a minute about the ones that you have made.
     There is the famous and almighty new years resolution list which most people  make but don't adhere to very long. We have our lists of goals to achieve. There are  everyday lists of
groceries, errands and things to do today. Honey do lists, lists for work, birthday lists, christmas lists and travel iteneries. We like making favorites lists, music, recipes, friends, movies or whatever.
     Sadly, there are also hate lists. You can't get away form the occassional bad apple in life.
     Maybe you or someone you know is a list maker. The little pad of paper next to your bed, on your desk, in the kitchen, on your computer,  phone, blackberry, etc. Even on our blogsites have lists of topics and of blogs we follow. They include :, you may also like these lists,  awards, and other posts of interest..
        A big favorite seems to be the bucket list, although it's not really new. It's been been called all other  names, the things to do before I turn 30,40, 50,60, or any age. Mostly it's about getting it in before we die.  Some of us have lists of regrets, things I'm glad I learned, jobs we've had or  places we've lived.
       The thing I noticed most about lists is the sense of accomplishment that comes with list making. We love to make a list and cross things off. Something we thought about, desired, worked for or at, and then we cross it off, throw it out, and it is gone from our life forever.
        I like the idea of making a list and circling what we have achieved. Maybe a special color ink for the things we truly loved. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have all the lists you made and be able to read them now? To see all that you have accomplished in life, how many great experiences you've had and those moments and deeds that have been special and meaningful in your life. All those and the everyday things that we take care of without giving much thought to them. I believe it would make us feel fulfilled, joyful and give us a true perspective of what our lives have been like.
      Enjoy your day.

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  1. I'm a list maker. I usually don't even use them, I just write them down to visually see what I would like to accomplish. I inherited it from my grandmother, she is always listing something :)