Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Away from Home too Long

        I've been gone from home since Christmas day. And now it's St. Patrick's Day.  I have moments of homesickness that grasp me tightly out of nowhere. Tonight is one of them.   I won't be home again until probably the beginning of May.  I am combining pleasure and a work project.  Sometimes being away from home is exciting, adventurous and necessary.
     But there are moments when I long to be home.  I feel restless, meloncholy and low in energy.  An empty ache inside. 
I dream of going home.  There is that wonderful feeling when you first come home after being gone for a long period, that I cannot find the words  to describe it.  It is a good feeling.  A sense of belonging, of comfort, of familiarity.  It embraces you the minute you open your door.  The smell, the furniture,the textures, the memoribilia that is your life.  Sometimes being gone for a while from home feels like I am using anothers nest instead of my own.  Home is about people and things and emotions.  Everytime you leave home, a little bit of you changes, and a little bit of home changes.  But somehow when you and home come together, there is nothing as heartwarming.
     When we are young we love the thought and experience of going out into the world, of leaving home.  As we go through life though, we realize that there are many places to explore and live in, endless wonderful places  in this world.  But still there is no place like home,  no place like home,  no place like home..


  1. This I get completely for to me my family is home and we are forever apart but ever so often when the stars align we are all in one place. It is for me heaven. I wish you home very soon.
    All my very best,

  2. Simone,
    I look forward to my carpet ride back home. Thank you for sharing and wishes.