Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tea Time on Tuesday

I am on the road, doing the hotel shuffle working my way from Michigan to Florida, making stops along the way for business, fun, adventure and necessity. On the road you appreciate the little pleasures and comforts of life. Things from home, convienences, memories, rituals. In a hotel room, it can be a pot to make hot water
 for tea, and a real cup to drink it out of. My favorite right at the moment is Vanilla Chai, with a dash of honey. I'll be sharing my tea today with friends at a delightful little tea party that will take away the chills from all of us as winter blows all across the country, and a smile to know that we are in company of others that appreciate the small pleasures. Please join us at the plumedpen@blogspot.com  for Tuesday Tea for Two today. I'm looking forward to your smile there.


  1. the snow here is getting out of hand! stay warm!

  2. It IS nice to arrive at a hotel and see some hot water and tea waiting. I always try to nab a cup--usually after traveling I need it! Thanks for visiting my blog. ; )