Thursday, January 7, 2010

OH, you needed a Ride?

Can I give you a ride you ask? Ok, sure, ah . . . one second though.
Ususally (where I live), we use ours cars and trucks as solidary means of travel. We go from place to place getting in and out, making it our traveling nest with things we can't do without or think we should have just in case. Clues of who we are, strewn about inside or all organized and tidy. For me, there are sunglasses I hardly wear, a sqaure box of facial tissues and a few napkins for emergencies, a plastic straw, one plastic set of silverware, and a flashlight with a (sad to say) low battery. Antibacterial hand gel for after pumping gas, I hate smelling gas on my hands for hours afterwards, some loose change in a sandwich size ziplock bag, and a
turnpike pass. Small sample sizes of perfumes just in case, hand lotions because my hands are always dry. There are 3 pens, no pencils. A small notepad. Two tubes of lipstick, and one flavored chapstick, none in my favorite color, paperclips, bank deposit slips, 6 recylcable grocery bags, 3 umbrellas (2 folding compact, one golf), a roll of paper towels (has to be Bounty, my favorite),  2 canvas folding chairs with a holder on the armrest for a drink. Of course, an extra pair of high heeled pumps in black, a lightweight black jacket in a cotton blend, that I think will go with everything, but really doesn't ever compliment the oufit, but if I'm cold I don't care. The all important jumper cables, that I have used lots more times to help others than I ever expected, a small navy blue fleece blanket,  a lap size brown extremely fluffy blanket (that sheds), an ice scraper, a roll of duct tape, a pair of scissors from the dollar store that don't cut much of anything. There's also a can of WD40 that I wasn't sure what I would need it for but thought I should have, and the various auto emergency kit, spare tire, etc that came with the car. Some of it is in the inside compartments, some in the trunk, and some in the back seat. If more than one person rides with me, and we need the back seat, I inevitably have to move things around and apologize for having to move them. So much stuff to drive around with, and it's not that I am that far from a store, a gas station, or homes that I probably wouldn't be allright without carrying all this stuff around.  But the funny thing is, is that at some time, I have used almost all of it and was glad to have it. Look around your vehichle and see what it says about you. OK, you can get in now, thanks for being patient.


  1. hehehe rather not look at my car and see what it says! LOL

  2. I'm like 'what'. That is a lot of work.

    Love Renee xoxo

  3. I love coming by to see your reflections and you always enlighten. I wonder if you ever consider submitting any of your writing to say a women's journal for your writing truly inspires you know.
    Warmest regards,