Thursday, January 14, 2010

Open your heart

I am asking you to look into your heart. And open it. As a fellow human being, please consider giving some help to the people devastated by the earthquake in Haiti. There are many reputable organizations, that you can choose from. Even a little help will be appreciated. I try to give when there is a need, and there are always needs, I know. I have given. And I know you have given too. It is time
 to give again. I don't feel that I ever gave too often or too much. This is one of the disasters of nature. Sometimes what I can give is greater, sometimes it is less, but it is always with good intention. It is important that as a people we do more than just feel bad for others, and watch the news, but that we actively do something that can make a difference. Even now with the struggles of our economy, we still are so very blessed. We are one human family here on earth. I will step down from my soapbox now, and thank you for listening.
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