Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The grocery adventure

     I find grocery shopping to be an entertaining and interesting excursion at times. We sometimes have to amuse oursleves with routine tasks in life. There is a designated path to take through the aisles, but sometimes you have the rebellious shopper that goes opposite the flow of traffic.The items that people put in their carts says a lot about their lifestyle, their health, their pleasures and their habits.

     There is the stereotypical bachelor cart with steaks and beer. The health food shopper, all fresh veggies, fruits, yogurt, granolas, water. The families with small children have carts with juice boxes, baby food, diapers, bananas. then you have the junk food eaters with no nutritional food, but lots of tasty high calorie and high starch snacks like potato chips, cheetos, soda pops, candy. And the diet conscious or diet obsessed with hardly anything in the cart, and what there is, seems to have almost no calories or appeal. We have meatlovers, with all meat and no vegetables. The frozen food convience eater, with nothing fresh and everything that needs only to be popped into the microwave or oven. The thirsty shopper, no food, all liquids. You can go on with the variety of shoppers.
      My own cart, is not as healthy as I'd like to project, and can reflect my status of weight concerns at the moment. Then we get to the check out line. I like to see the personalities come out here. The impatient , I need to get out of here as soon as possible shopper. Of course, the coupn clipper. The social butterfly that makes friends with everyone they meet. No doubt you've been in line with the control freak that puts all the groceries on the conveyer in a ordely manner, guarding it so no one touches it. Putting the divider between orders and watching so your groceries don't accidently mingle with theirs. The in a hurry,  throw your groceries on the conveyer in any manner shopper.
     I am orderly with the way I place mine. All frozen and cold items together. I put the heavy items on first as they go on the bottom of the bags. My fruits and vegetables are together and things like eggs and bread go last. I bring my recycling bags and always thank the bagger when they do a nice job of bagging. I exchange pleasant conversation with the cashier as it's a long day on your feet when grumpy people came through all day. What kind of shopper are you? Next time you grocery shop, entertain yourself . . . the shoppers are as varied as you can imagine.


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  2. i love grocery shopping. in addiyion to the creativity cooking allows, seems most excursions into the store early morn (i choose the butt crack of dawn to shop to avoid crowds) bring someone wanting/needing a listening ear for a chat. i've had touching memories created engaging seniors who respond to genuine acknowledgement n kindness. the one missing experience is having someone climb n the buggy n let our laughter fill the store as i give a ride:)