Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Inspirations when we need them

The word today is INSPIRE.
A simple word. Merriam-Webster defines INSPIRE as -  to influence, move, or guide  . .  to spur on : impel, motivate . .  to breathe or blow into or upon  . .  to infuse (as life) by breathing . .  to communicate  . .. to draw forth or bring out.
     There are times that we all need inspiration, support and encouragment no matter what we do, what
talents we have, how we choose to use and nurture them, and who appreciates any or all of this. Everyday we are faced with challenges and opportunities to live our dreams and pursue them, or just give up and exist. A bit of photographic inspiration in the photo above, an old fashioned typewriter, in a simply decorated room, on a tired looking table and chair. This is the workspace and typewriter of Ernest Hemingway. A man with an interesting and complex history, with simple stories and the passion to put them to paper. May your dreams and aspirations become more real to you everyday, because they are real. Believe in yourself and do what you love to do, because there is no other way.

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